We are the team of artists and craftsmen who love working in glass. Our projects are unique, we are fascinated by challenges that for others seem too difficult or complicated..

We make stained-glass windows, doors or lamps and unique small forms such as fused and stained-glass jewelry, souvenirs or company related gifts.

We design and implement projects using techniques:

  • fused glass,
  • glass casting
  • glass engraving,
  • glass mosaic
  • stained glass in traditional and Tiffany techniques

We also make stained glass windows for sacral buildings, churches, copies and renovations of historical stained glass, repairs of stained glass and Tiffany lamps. So, if you’ve always dreamed of a medieval stained glass, remember you can have a perfect copy of it at home!

All of our works are made with unique accuracy and therefore their warranty is lifelong, and can be sent to worldwide.

As working with glass is not only our job but an artistic way and great adventure as well, we are willing to share our knowledge and experience with other interested people during classes and courses. The classes can be as short as 3 to 4 hour crash-course or as long as month long course.

Regardless of the size of the work we done, no one will pass by indifferently!

We also offer workshops and courses at various levels for universities, schools, cultural education centers and companies.

If you are interested in cooperation or order please contact us.